Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I used to be a big fan of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) when I was in college, remembering how I used to carelessly spend those S$5 over dollars for the Ice Blend Mocha, earning a stamp on a pink card for every drink purchased.
Now I really wonder how I seriously managed to afford those drinks back then. My allowance was certainly not high…. and the drinks….. in those times and age…. well. Would be considered very pricey. Hmmmm.

My loyalty has over the years dwindled, now I am more a Starbucks fan.. aside from those Bubble Tea cravings. Then again, maybe it is an age issue… that now I feel I no longer like “super sweet” food items, particularly drinks. The sweetest I possibly can take are the ones with ice, that will gradually melt and dilute the drinks.

One work weekday, the ex-colleague and I stole some time off to pamper ourselves with some “high class” coffee. There was no convenient Starbucks too near office, neither was the ex-colleague into traditional Kopi… we found ourselves in CBTL.

IMG_0693I’ve never had a proper meal in CBTL (not that I can recall at least)… so I was no good in advising the friend on what to order. I’ve had their cakes once or twice and found them to be too rich… I cannot stomach it. Yes.. Not even when I was younger.

I had the Ice Mocha while the friend had his usual Ultimate Ice Blend which, he unsuccessfully tried convincing me to order as well. Claiming it to be the “Best Drink” in the world. -.-
In addition, he had the Chicken Sandwich… Ha. That unfortunately did not get good reviews from the diner. Much to improve on there, CBTL…. *winkz*

One thing good about CBTL is, most, if not all the outlets I have come across are rarely packed full. Comparatively, to Starbucks. So, it makes for a good place to chill, chat with friends and simply, people watch…. :)

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Dessert in the morning

Well, I’m not too sure if you would classify this as dessert but, as I normally associate it as a mini meal after the main course, dessert.. it is to me.
I am, referring to a bowl of Glutinous Rice Balls, served in either Peanut soup or Ginger soup.

IMG_0676Ah Balling as it is informally called. These rice balls typically come with Black Sesame or fine-grinded Peanuts as a filling. Less conventional ones will have Green Tea and any other possible inputs the seller can think of.

Prices of these go up during the Winter Solstice (yes, even here in hot Singapore).. there will be a LONG queue waiting in line to purchase bowlS of this Glutinous Rice Balls. So celebrated is this occasion that, even those DIY pre-packed frozen Rice Balls sold in the supermarkets can go out of stock!

It was a rare occasion that I found myself in the Beach Road Hawker Centre on a Saturday morning. The mudder and I had sent the Grandma to her hairdresser and we were waiting for the job to be done…..

4 for S$1.70, 5 for S$2.. choice of soup. I chose to have a mix of both the Peanut and Black Sesame filled balls. Nice…. ~
Self-pampering after a full work week!

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in His time

In the last few months, I have been on the look-out for jobs. Permanent ones as well as free-lance ones; most permanent ones. To move away from my current position.

The intensity of my search has somewhat gone down, though my motivation to move to another company is still high. Yea.. if I were to tell you all the stories about what happens in the office, every week can form a chapter in a book….. :X

Search intensity has somewhat died down because… it is already September, without a concrete offer. There were 2 companies that have KIV me till they have a headcount approval, some gave positive comments but I never heard from them since, mostly, I figured it to be a salary issue.. I am possibly costing them too much. So, they would rather get someone ‘cheaper’ for the same quality… haha.. who wouldn’t? It’s the same as buying clothes and vegetables huh…. :P

Okay… back to September.. my current company has the policy that the employee has to work through the 30th September and be an employee at the time of any bonus/AWS payouts. So can you guess now why I’m holding back my horses a bit? MONEY. I’m not going to forfeit the bonus/AWS that I have worked (so) hard for these past 10 months plus. >:@

Another reason is, it is already near the year-end, when everyone starts to gear into the holiday mood.. I’m not so keen on joining a new company, being on probation with no entitlement to leave for about 3 months…. even with entitlement, it is not so nice to be taking a whole week off just a month after joining a new place huh?

Yet, in all of this, even without a positive, concrete future, I somehow have this peace and calm in me, that things will work out exactly the way I wish it to be… that I be able to start a new job and a new future in the beginning of the new calendar year 2015. Simply, that everything will be just alright for me..

This peace is so nice and such a wonderful feeling.. yet sometimes it drives me crazy… wondering what in the world I am thinking of! Zzzzzz

Starting this new work week, starting this new month.. I remind myself; that God’s time is perfect. In His time, He makes all things beautiful, in His time. 

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Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak

Pardon me if I have gotten the name all wrong..

I usually have thick toasts and coffee/any other drink when I visit Old Town White Coffee. But, it was dinner time and, to prevent any disagreements with the friend, I diligently studied the main courses in our last visit to the restaurant.

It is probably our third visit to this particular outlet at Novena’s Square 2. Not a deliberate visit, simply coincidental. We had a massage session in the mall and proceeded for a “simple” dinner.

Something “new”, I went for the Curry Chicken with Nasi Lemak.. the friend had the usual – Penang Laksa (a spicy, sourish version).

IMG_0671 IMG_0672
I was not impressed with the Curry Chicken. Not one bit. I should have gone for the Fried or Rendang version. The meat was tasteless. I needed a whole spoonful of curry to accompany the meat before I could “taste something”.

The portion of rice, in my opinion, was too little. More rice please?
Else, I loved the chilli and the Nasi Lemak. Can’t go wrong with the egg and cucumbers can you?

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31 august 2014

hello people.. i’m “back”.
stopped writing for a while because, i got lazy, spent more time on the office laptop and the ipad than this current laptop i usually use for writing. :P

i have also, been physically sick for about 3 weeks now. first it started as a sore throat, then a blocked nose, a cough, lost my voice (and i had to re-schedule an interview) — sounds like the common cold? i thought so too… till i was still not recovering like i usually would in the 2nd week. till date, i’m still having this occasional dry cough; as if something was suddenly tickling my throat or i would be talking to people and i start coughing with phlegm. i blamed it on all the burning that usually happens during the lunar 7th mth.. but the “month” has been over for a week now….. i’m still down…. arghh.

certainly does not help that there are many people ill in the office too. consolation is, i don’t feel that abnormal that everyone else is healthy but me…! the virus seems to have hit the manager real bad too. his voice has been “sexy” for 2 weeks now. HAHAHA.

work front has been a mix of good and bad, 90% bad. what’s new? plus the fact that i can be a real pessimist. more of that later….

else, i’m looking forward to my vacation come mid-September… where i will get down-under to see the penguins… thereafter returning for a trip to Penang for the ex-colleagues wedding dinner! :D

one thing i have to ask, anyone has recommendations for freelance work? particularly those that i can work remotely from home.. simply using a pc and internet connection?

date check:- 31 august 2014
8 months of 2014 over. 4 months to 2015…..

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A day to myself

It was not exactly supposed to be a “rest” day.. I was meant to have gone for an interview, which I had to re-schedule, and subsequently return to work.
However, my body quite obviously did not want go out.. overnight, I felt my physical state deteriorate and by morning, I was quite convinced I will faint if I were to be exposed to the sun or rain.

Yes. Thanks to insufficient water, too much fast-food, a lot of environmental burning ash in the air of late (its the Chinese calendar’s 7th month now).. my throat is painful, scratchy, nose is leaking somewhat and the voice… needs to be preserved to prevent further loss.

After 2 times 2 doses of Clarinase, I am still not feeling normal.

Aha. Then again, I relish the chance to be able to have some peace and quiet to myself. No one else home except the domestic helper who, goes about her own business without fuss. The dogs are quiet.. I can just roll in bed, or slump into the sofa and turn on the TV.. use the toilet whenever I want to….

Loved the peace.. the time-out also allowed me to
read up on articles, surf things, keep up-to-datewith news online, on social media…..


As the day now sets, I don’t know how well rejuvenated I am to take on a new work day tomorrow.. given that I am actually still not fully physically well.. but, well, I am thankful.

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Astons Specialities

Been sometime since I dined at Astons, and certainly never dined at the restaurant ever since they changed their ordering concept. Unlike the previous:- seat, order, pay before leaving concept… it is now:- order and pay before being seated.

I can’t quite think of any good with regards to this new concept; how does one order if the entire group is not present yet? so, if I were to make my order first, can the serving of food wait till my other friends have arrived and ordered?
Ah. It is definitely not so good for a group of friends I have, whom we have this rule among us; that the last late-comer or simply the late-comer will be the one to foot the entire bill. :/

If the new concept was introduced to minimize the waiting time, it is not working so well. I still waited quite a considerable period of time before my food arrived and, the queue to enter the restaurant is still as long as before. And it gets worse with the thickening of the peak hour.

I certainly can understand why Astons is so popular with the young; the food here is very economical. S$8.50 for a western set meal, with choice of 2 sides. In a restaurant setting…?

IMG_0556 IMG_0557
There were 4 of us, thus 4 different meals but I only managed to capture 2 pictures; being in the company of friends who frown upon taking pictures of food…. :X

Honey-baked ribs and Black Pepper Chicken Chop served with Onion Rings and Fries.
When the plate of chicken was first placed down, I did make a comment that the serving is “so small“. The friend then reminded me, that I had only paid S$8.50 for the meal…. Oops~ A case of what Get what you paid for! 

Not sure what the fascination was with the Ribs, which I found to be just so-so. So “good” it was, he claims its better than what you would get at Tony Roma’s, for possibly less than half the price. Yah yah yah….

I liked my Black Pepper Chicken.. it was tender enough, the meat had flavour.. the sides… couldn’t have enough of the onion rings. -.-

A good place to sit for a meal with a few friends, chat and order some drinks. If you won’t feel too pressured by the folks queuing to enter. :P

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