Mid-week German

A Fruit Beer cheer – a mid-week pick-me-up. S$13.50 for the bottle.

IMG_9240And the order came about because I had suggested going for “expensive bee hoon”.
I was referring to the signature Pork Knuckles Bee Hoon that was served up at Brauhaus.

IMG_9241 IMG_9242
It was a decision between ordering the ‘Small’ or the ‘Large’ serving of bee hoon to share. The difference in prices made the decision for us. It was S$9.90 for the ‘Small’, double the price for the ‘Large’.
Coupled with the plate of carbo, we ordered a platter of boiled sausages (S$21), which came with servings of Sauerkraut and mash potatoes.

I did not fancy one bit, both the white sausages. One had a herbal, spice taste.. another.. just tasted weird. I loved the cheese sausage! :D
The other red one? Hmm. It was a tad too salty for me.

With the total bill amounting to S$52… convince me, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to dine here often.

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Say Hello! To Tiger

IMG_9249Yes.. I’m finally going to retire the previous pair of shoes with the deliberate purchase of Tiger. So-named because of the colour and black stripes…. please don’t tell me you can’t see Tiger in the pair of shoes…. :P

I had the laces replaced with a grey pair I originally received when I purchased a pair of New Balance… many years back. Converted to an Adidas fan, 2 pairs of shoes back.

First saw Tiger in a Chinese-owned shop, quoting me a price of S$149, discounted from S$189. I almost settled for the price. ALMOST. Thank God I didn’t.
Another 15 minutes of walk around, I entered an Indian-owned shop, the shop I bought my last pair of shoes from….. listed price showed S$189. The staff who attended to me, quoted me S$132. :O

No prizes for guessing who I eventually bought Tiger from. :D

There was, a Saucony pair I was interested in. It was cheaper too! Alas, there were no sizes left for me. Till another time…..

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Ice-cream even before dinner

I sat down at the table where the friends were. Before anything else, they said, “we eat, don’t over-order, we save space go Udders for ice-cream…” -.-
One of them had his mind and eyes set on the D24 ice-cream that he had tried at Udders quite some time back. Seems like the impression the flavour left on him is pretty strong.

Yes.. we did proceed to Udders after our meal. Though, few of them were already commenting that they were “full”.
It was still pretty early.. at slightly past 7pm.
Udders @Thomson was already bustling with customers. The friends and I took the last remaining long table.

IMG_9263 IMG_9264
Five of us, a scoop of ice-cream each.. the friend and I shared a waffle.

After ordering and while getting the food to pose for the camera, we noticed how bland our ice-cream colours were.. Haha.. Boring.

Rum & Raisin, D24, Walnut, Tiramisu and a Cereal.

Sigh. The Tiramisu this time, disappointed me sorely. It did not have the ‘alcoholic punch’ I was looking for. :(
The (supposedly fresh) waffle was also not fantastic. I’ve had better ones elsewhere. For sure. The one we had here, neither had the dough-y fragrance nor the sweet, crunch on the outside, soft on the inside taste. Very unlike the Belgian waffles I had expected.

Prices of ice-cream depends on type or class in which the flavours are classified. For the waffle “set” the friend and I shared, a combination of a classic and alcoholic flavour on a waffle cost us S$11.30. Pretty economical I would say.


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Swensen’s Lunch Treat

Hmm. It has been some time since I had Swensen’s for lunch. And, it seems, despite being a member, I am not informed or am unaware of the current weekday lunch promotions that are on! Or, did I miss the news accidentally?

Anyhow, the mudder, sister and I for different reasons, were free for lunch together this week and we lumbered over to Swensen’s at AMK hub. Frankly, I was surprised the mudder actually remembered/noticed that there was an outlet in AMK hub.

11.50am.. the restaurant was already crowded. Mostly packed with students.. most certainly there for the lunch promotion. Thankfully, we were earlier than the majority of the office lunch crowd. The queue to enter at about half past 12 was….. I wouldn’t even bother to queue and wait if I had to wait in line.

IMG_9244 IMG_9243 IMG_9245 IMG_9246
Beef Lasagne, Rodeo Wings, Sticky Chewy Chocolate and the classic Banana Split.
There was another dish of Fish n Chips which, I did not capture..

Nothing wow about the main courses.. but the ice-cream.. ooh lala…. sent me to heaven. If the mudder was not around, I would probably choose to have just the ice-cream… as many as I could possibly have.

With the mudder around, how could I? I will have no end of nagging!! About nutrition and all that mudders are good at nagging about.

If you have a big appetite, and are near a Swensen’s outlet during lunch hour on a weekday, have your meal at Swensen’s. The price you pay, for a main course and choice of sundae/drink/side… is VERY worth it.
Imagine, the cost of a typical sundae is say S$10.50.. now they are giving it FREE!! With every main course ordered….
That said… order only if you have a big appetite or have the group size to help finish up all that food. With so many people starving out there, it wouldn’t be too right for us to be indulging then wasting here…

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Wedding Corsage

What would you say about this, as a Wedding Corsage?
Rate it! Price it.

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So cramp I can’t walk

Following the post on Starbucks’ latest promotions, I shall rant about the last Starbucks outlet I visited the weekend past.
I was at Toa Payoh hub and decided to get into the “new” store I saw.. This is, by far, the smallest outlet I’ve been to in Singapore, or possibly matching the size of the outlet at Fusionopolis.

One 10-seater bar table stood smack in the centre of the store, with 3-4 bar seats available, facing the window looking out onto the pavement. Al fresco seating is available.. but in this scorching Singapore weather, nobody was seen outside. Thank God the air-conditioning in the outlet was perfect. :D

Starbucks’ is ever so popular… I wonder why. The outlet was SO crowded. And the order queue was so long. The friend went off in search for a table to park ourselves, while I queued. Then, I found out why the queue took forever to clear… making it seem as if there were so many customers….. the staff were slow. And, out of 2 counters, only one was operational. I guess, they read the question I had in my mind – why don’t open up the other counter? A second cashier came along shortly after.

Bleah. Things were not made any better. Cos, now, the crowd migrated to the drinks collection area. The staff who were preparing the drinks could not cope with the large orders. They fumbled.

As I stood by the collection area, I saw at least one staff.. looking so lost, not knowing what to do… or how to help out at all. :/
There were at least 2 staff, who looked like students, and trainees in the store. Geez…

It took about 5 minutes before I got to see what looked like my drink. Standing… unwanted at the counter. The friend thought it was my drink and pointed it out to me. But I replied saying, “I asked for no whip“. The drink at the counter had whip cream.
Still, I approached the staff to verify. True enough, that drink was meant to be mine. I showed the staff my receipt which stated, “no whip”. Quite reluctantly and sounding unwilling to entertain me, what with all the drinks requests coming in, the staff had no choice but to get one of the trainees to scrap off the whip and give me the drink. -.-

Such a wonderful experience.. for my first visit to the store at Toa Payoh Hub. Bleah……


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New this season!

And the new drinks this season are out!

sayyes_03_contentBanana mango… hmm. Does not sound inviting.. but, the Caramel Ribbon Crunch….. sounds like something I should try. At least once! The tall drink alone might probably tip the calories scale…. haha oh wellz. Something’s gotta give.

“A new indulgent twist on our classic caramel Frappuccino® blended beverage, made to celebrate the sweet buttery flavors of caramel, with four layers of rich caramel and crunchy caramel sugar topping, to delight caramel connoisseurs worldwide.”

I am not exactly a caramel fan except when it comes to popcorn. FOUR layers of caramel. Maybe it would be wiser to get the brudder to try out the drink first… before I attempt to scale the sugar level! :O

An additional sweetener for the month of April 2014….

starbucks15 days.. 6 beverages. That would average out to be a drink every 2 days. How would I get there, unless of course I start buying friends… drinks…..?

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