A.. rather unique name.. looks like they want to be part of the “i” (apple) family… yet. Want to be as discrete as possible, they shift the “i” to the back of their actual name. :P

Dragon-i is a Malaysian based Chinese restaurant, the company name Dragon-i Restaurant Sdn Bhd was established in 2004, with its first outlet opening in Mid-Valley Megamall. The restaurant, appears to operate in a concept similar to Crystal Jade, where there are other outlets under the main family umbrella, target at selling specific specialities. The one visited? Dragon-i La Mian Xiao Long Bao (noodles and dumplings). There was a Canton-i just diagonally opposite, specialising in Cantonese Congee (porridge).

Well, the friend wanted to have Xiao Long Bao.. And how fortunate we were to be walking past Dragon-i at that point in time. Oweing to the lunch crowd, there was short queue we had to follow. Thankful for diners who had their meal and left almost immediately after, our wait was not too long. We had decided on what to order whilst queuing, allowing us to order our food, the moment we got our table.

IMG_9267 IMG_9268 IMG_9269 IMG_9270
The food arrived pretty quickly. Their service and mode of working reminds me very much of Din Tai Fung‘s.

The Xiao Long Bao (RM10.30) comes in “baskets” of 4 pieces of dumplings each. One look at them dumplings and, I was already biased against them. The dumpling skin looked too thick and gave a flour-y feeling. The presentation of the dumplings alone, left much to be desired. DTF wins, hands-down. Biting into the dumpling, I slurped up the soup first. I did not like the skin much, but the pork meat was acceptable. The friend found the meat to have a sort of “weird” taste.

The plate of Beef La-Mian (RM18) arrived before I finished my dumplings. Instead of the usual, flat Hor Fun type noodles, here we had thicker version of noodles, one which they term, “La Mian“. So thick were the noodles, it was like eating chunks of fish cake…. -.- Nope. I did not quite like the idea. I liked the tender beef meat, well cooked. There was also enough taste and wok-hei in the dish. Enjoyed these most, not to mention how much of chilli I added to spice up the meal… :P

Our other order of Zha Jiang La Mian (RM16) took forever to arrive though. After waiting for quite a while, I got curious and asked the friend, why, did the staff turn over our order chit? That move usually means that all the dishes have been served. We picked up the order chit and, true enough, everything on that chit was striked off and we saw no record of the La Mian we had supposedly ordered.

ALAMAK. All that wait… for dunno what. Of course we immediately waved a staff over to include the La Mian and asked how come it was not in our original order. The staff who took our order insisted that the dish was not in the list, when he repeated our order to us. Is that so???? We both thought we heard all the dishes right…. HMM.

Anyway… so. Our wait began again.
Yet another disappointing dish. The Zha Jiang La Mian lacked the flavour that we are used to in DTF. Bleah..

We left the restaurant, with the only credits given, to their efficient service. Food wise, I had a better experience at Canton-i, which I patronised whilst in Penang before. Doubt we will be back to Dragon……

@Dragon-i, City Square Shopping Centre, JB

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That cuppa

It was a casual water-cooler talk, I was making myself a cup of coffee when two other colleagues pulled me into their conversation.. and we began talking about COFFEE.

One first comment that made me perk up was, “it is reported coffee makes people younger, slows down ageing…” My immediate reaction was, “OH ISSIT!?!
The colleague was, however, unable to provide further validation for his statement. That left me uninterested in further discussion. I returned to my computer and started consulting Google on this latest remark made.

Does Caffeine age you?

I have yet to get any positive answers to my search. If you have some answers for me, I welcome them… :D

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Cheap cheap

Little wonder why Johore Bahru (JB) is still attracting swarms of Singaporeans.. not for anything else but just to eat and shop.
For me, it is the Thai Odyssey massage that draws me. An hour of Thai massage is about RM98 (excl 6% govt tax). All inclusive, it will work out to be about S$40.30. HEY. That’s considered cheap to me. Where else in Singapore can you find reasonably GOOD (“effective”) full body massage for S$40? If you know a place, let me know!!

Ah. Then a Rotiboy branch so clever-ly opens a shop near the entrance/exit to the CIQ; knowing just how much Singaporeans love those coffee buns that once, took the whole country by storm. An on-going promotion now sells 5 of the original buns for RM12. I believe they cost RM2.50 each.

City Square, the closest and most easily accessed shopping mall from the CIQ, coming in from Woodlands, has now almost officially completed its renovation works. There was a period of time when, the whole mall was in a facelift phase. I did not like things then, where it was dusty and many shops remained close. Alas. After the mall has completed its major revamp, my favourite Old Town White Coffee outlet decides to undergo a renovation too. JUST WHEN IS THE PERFECT TIME FOR ME TO VISIT!?! Bleah.

Haha. Then again, with Old Town under renovation, it gives me the reason to explore the so many other eating options. Too many to choose from. It is insane.
The supposed famous HongKong dessert shop “Hui Lau Shan” has an outlet in City Square Shopping Centre. A shop specializing in dessert soups, snacks and desserts, in particular the mango based entrees.

For those looking to purchase bread for breakfast or snacks, there is Lavender and Seasons, possibly the two most famed bakeries in Johor. I like the Caramel Milk Stick (RM3) sold in Lavender. Should have bought more the last time I visited, but, well, my mind was more on Rotiboy then.

The upper floors (the rooftop) of City Square is also now open to public. There is the Toilet Bowl Cafe, famous in Taiwan.. where seats and tables make you feel like you are dining in a restroom. Even cutlery and utensils are mimicked as close as possible to items you might find in the restroom. Largely comprising of eateries, the rooftop is also where you will gain access to the cinema. Run by Cathay Cineplexes, you wouldn’t get too poor a quality and service.. AND, the ticket prices are cheaper too! As according to friends who have been for the movies lately. Not for me though. Once upon a time, I used to travel across the causeway with a few friends, just for the cheaper movie tickets. Not any more.

With so much to do in a single shopping mall, that requires no further travelling, you must have a really good reason to scoot to other malls in the vicinity – Pelangi, Terbrau City, Jusco.. Hmm. Yah.. maybe unless you need a department store such as Jusco (the Metro/Robinsons in JB). There is, also a very large supermarket in Terbrau City.. if one decides to do major grocery shopping in JB.

2 more public holidays coming up soon, in the month of May. I might just about drag the friend and maybe a few more over to City Square (again) to have some Shabu Shabu! :D

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Walk the walk & Talk the talk

Originally posted on Pretty Little Treasures:


“Travel as much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.”

Doesn’t this quote perfectly fit in with this picture? Do you have a favorite travel quote? I’d love to know about it! For my typography class I have to make a final project and the only things we have to do is to chose a word and a quote and create a nice typographic poster with it. I decided to chose for Wanderlust as the word I’m going to work with. I’m just not completely sure yet which quote I should use in my work.

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Acts of Kindness

One act of kindness may teach more about the love of God than many sermons. 

Kindness, is a fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22), and a powerful context in which to genuinely speak to others about the Lord.

Lord, help me to love with both words and deeds, 
To reach out to others and meet their needs;
Lord, burden my heart for those lost in sin,
With mercy and love that flows from within.

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Mookata Thai

A new wave is sweeping through the island of Singapore. Only, I am not sure exactly when the wave started. But, what I do know is, that it is still growing….. How big the tsunami….. unknown. I am talking about the Mookata Thai fad.

Mookata” – literally meaning “pork skillet” in Thai.. Mookata Thai is actually a form of cooking apparatus, allowing users to enjoy both BBQ and hot pot (steamboat) at the same time. What sets this apparatus apart is, the dome-shape BBQ centre. Instead of the usual round-the-hot pot bbq sections we are more familiar with.

IMG_9250Staring at this aluminum frame placed in front of me, I wondered… now. How do I actually keep the food up on the slope? Does the oil from the meat fats, feed the flame below? Or does it slip down the slope and into the soup….
Next. The soup pool… is so shallow, just how much liquid can it actually contain?? It was really like a moat surrounding the castle!

The friends and I chose the S$59.90 set… which came like this….

IMG_9251 IMG_9252
Would you say this is enough to feed 5 adults? 2 males, 3 females….
Well, our experience says, yes. If you are not too hungry, and have the mind to head off for desserts elsewhere.

So.. we promptly started our BBQ. Having the “time of our lives” trying to keep the meat to STAY. On the BBQ section, instead of becoming boiled in soup….. -.-

We eventually decided to “play” with our food….

IMG_9258 IMG_9259 IMG_9260 IMG_9262
Haha. Yes.. we cracked up the egg and attempted to BBQ it. ALAS. It slipped off and landed in the soup, with the whites going down like lava from a volcano….

The food overall, was just about acceptable. Nothing fantastic. I particularly liked the Black pepper seasoned pork meat. The right omph and spice. Ah. And I cannot NOT mention the chilli that accompanied…. similar to the orange-y chilli you get when eating chicken rice, this was thicker and spicier! SEDAP.
Yes.. so shiok, my nose started leaking and I began perspiring but I enjoyed every bit of that “spice-me-up”. HEH. :D

@Mookata Thai, Thomson Road

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Mid-week German

A Fruit Beer cheer – a mid-week pick-me-up. S$13.50 for the bottle.

IMG_9240And the order came about because I had suggested going for “expensive bee hoon”.
I was referring to the signature Pork Knuckles Bee Hoon that was served up at Brauhaus.

IMG_9241 IMG_9242
It was a decision between ordering the ‘Small’ or the ‘Large’ serving of bee hoon to share. The difference in prices made the decision for us. It was S$9.90 for the ‘Small’, double the price for the ‘Large’.
Coupled with the plate of carbo, we ordered a platter of boiled sausages (S$21), which came with servings of Sauerkraut and mash potatoes.

I did not fancy one bit, both the white sausages. One had a herbal, spice taste.. another.. just tasted weird. I loved the cheese sausage! :D
The other red one? Hmm. It was a tad too salty for me.

With the total bill amounting to S$52… convince me, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to dine here often.

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