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Whoa. Almost 10 days without a single post from me. Not an intentional move. Things have been just alittle too busy and the human has been alittle too lazy… :P

I was at Changi International Airport yesterday; and watching the cabin crew end/start their day from the public areas, I wondered if their job(s) was as nice as I envision it to be. So much so I wish I had tried applying to be one of them…

What stopped/stops me you ask?
Well, as much as I love flying and love the aviation of things, a cabin crew… maybe I will enjoy it for just that amount of time. Thereafter, I’ll get sick of things. The interest time span may last only 2-3 months. The amount of interaction that is required on the flight deck; dealing with all kinds of people… may be too much for me to handle. ESPECIALLY when I’m sleep deficient, having to handle the time zone changes. I know myself.

Yes.. and time zone changes is another thing I do not know personally how well my body can take the change, that frequently.
It’s almost like putting my body system into some stress cycle… waiting to see when it eventually fails. :X

If anything, I would choose to be a pilot, among all, on the flight deck.
I had, was offered, the opportunity to be an Air Traffic Controller – I had applied for the position back in 2007. Trust me, I am now seriously beating myself up for not taking up the position… instead I took on the Masters degree course that was offered a week earlier.

Life will certainly be so different for me now, should I have chosen the other route.
Then again, the grass on the other side always seems greener.

Alright.. I could probably go on and on writing here now that I have started…. To end… I enjoyed this video, which took me through a day in the Life of a Cathay Pacific Commercial Pilot. :)

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The friends called me a little too late… to date me for some durians. I was already en route for another dinner gathering with another group of friends (colleagues).
A colleague was leaving the company and we decided to have a chill-out session with her before her actual last day with us. Her choice of chill location? Paulaner @Millenia Walk.

Happy hour till 8pm with a Live band playing everyday, from 8.30pm.

This is one big German restaurant. I have never before walked through all 3 levels of this place and that day, I did. The ground floor is more for chilling and drinks.. the second level for proper dining (the lighting is so much brighter and tables are bigger), the third level – for the smokers.

Because the colleague wanted to be where the band would be, we stayed on the ground floor. It was a rather horrible squeeze of 6 people in a single puny table. We had a German ex-colleague with us and he was complaining throughout about the space he was entitled to; he is huge. In size.

Space aside, there was no other option should we want to be where the band would be.
We proceeded to order our food and drinks.

IMG_0279 IMG_0280 IMG_0281

Pork Knuckle and a Chicken Cordon Bleu.. food here I must say tastes much better than the ones I experienced at another German restaurant.
The Pork was a tad too salty for me, though it quite accurately represented what I had in Germany. We had the kitchen cut up the knuckle for us.. makes things a whole lot easier.
Loved the Chicken.. it was tough cutting the meat with possibly an inappropriate cutting tool…. -.-

IMG_0277Can you tell, just how much I love Fries and Wedges? ;)

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Living Bridges

Jeremiah 17:7 – Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord.

Like a firmly rooted tree, people who rely on God have a sense of stability and vitality despite the worst circumstances.
Even strong trials cannot blow down a person who is rooted in God.

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Cold and Dark

The friends decided to meet up at Wild Honey once again.
Not that I do not fancy the place, in fact I like it; the ambience, the location all were good EXCEPT the lighting and the temperature in the restaurant.

In all my visits to Wild Honey @Mandarin Gallery, I have never failed to feel extremely cold (and miserable) as time passes while I am there. Oops~
Especially when I am visiting in the evenings.

I still cannot make out how their ordering structure goes, neither have I bothered to ask. Most of the time, one will have to order and make payment at directly at the counter, the food will thereafter be served up to your table.
There was once, and I’ve observed a few times after, that clipboard menus are provided to seated customers and orders can be made whilst being seated. Just wave a staff over.

IMG_0105 IMG_0106 IMG_0109 IMG_0110
I have yet to actually find the quality of food served at Wild Honey, disappointing.
Food presentation has been consistently good, taste-wise has also been consistent.
That’s for the food, I can’t quite say the same for the drinks though.

I had the Cappuccino before and ordered it again this time. I seriously don’t recall my cuppa being so acidic and sourish! It was bad. I could drink more than a quarter of the drink. It was a waste.
By then, it was getting late and I did not want to make any hoo-haa about the coffee I was served.

There was particularly moody, and grouchy staff that we encountered in our recent visit. Boy… her attitude and facial expressions left us pondering what had just happened in her life…. some BGR issues? Work-related? Or were we simply too disgusting for her to face…. ? Terrible…….

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At the Flyer

Never quite fancied the hawker food stalls at the Singapore Flyer, this despite all the promotion and it made-up to have the rustic Old Times of Singapore. Kinda liked the deco and all but, well, the food fails to meet the standards. Prices here are slightly higher than what you would expect to pay, in the neighbourhoods…. OBVIOUSLY. -.-

The friend and I ended up at the Singapore Flyer last weekend as we wanted to be in the vicinity for the National Day Parade Rehearsals. Yes… again. This time, the friend joined me in my obsession. :P
It was the first of the 3 NE (National Education) shows held every year, as part of the weekly rehearsals; where all primary 5 students in schools island-wide get a chance to experience what it is like to be at THE National Day Parade. :)

We were pretty early (before 6pm?) and managed to find seats easily. I risked our lives seating at a spot where I thought we would be able to get good views of the aerial as they happen… the spot was located in the Smoking Area.

Did not take us long to decide on what to order, we had no particularly cravings nor want to have… a plate of Carrot Cake (S$6), plate of Fried Prawn Noodles (S$5) and 10 sticks of Chicken Satay (@S$0.70 per stick).

IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0127
The Carrot Cake failed horribly. It was bland and lumpy, felt rather grossed out, like eating a moist dough; as what I would imagine. The dish too lacked chye poh…. an essential I always look out for in my serving of Carrot Cake.
The Fried noodles was better though a tad lacking in gravy/sauce, in my opinion. The friend found the dish acceptable.
The best order that evening? Was the plate of Satay. The most expensive of the lot.. Fortunately, it was good. The meat was chunky yet not too tough, there was also sufficient flavour.

Business at the hawker is not fantastic but there were still customers moving about. Everyone was probably in the area for photo-taking and simply to awe at what was going on in the area; with the military contingents forming up near the F1 paddocks, the military vehicles driving up in-line on the roads leading to the Floating Platform.

IMG_0118There has been some talk about the closure of the Singapore Flyer… with word that some entities are struggling to keep the attraction open. What the will be, the final fate, of this huge ferris wheel….. I wonder……

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Feeling Chained

Nothing is miserable but what is thought so, and contrariwise, every estate is happy if he that bears it be content.

Philippians 4:11 – I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.

Lord, lead me today as You see best. Use the gifts You’ve given me to encourage others on their journey. Help me not to compare myself with others but to be content. 

When all you have is God, you have all you need. 

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Park Royal at Beach Road

Did a recent weekend stay at Park Royal on Beach Road.
Primary reason we chose the hotel/location was its comparatively lower prices, for the location and “name”. Park Royal group.

3 days, 2 nights, over the weekend, cost us about S$353 inclusive of taxes. A simple superior room (think the staff did mention they did a free upgrade for us), or maybe a deluxe room after the upgrade.

The hotel is easily accessible, with numerous buses serving the area. Nearest MRT station is Nicoll Highway, on the Circle Line; a 5-minute walk away. Alternatively, there is Bugis MRT station about 10-15 minutes walk away.

There’s no worry about getting up hungry in the middle of the night or having nothing to eat, in the middle of the day. Across the major road are a whole treasure trove of cafes, restaurants, coffee-shops; serving primarily the Eurasian community. The Malay Village and mosque can also be found in the cluster.

A popular shopping street among the young – Haji Lane, is right across the road. :D

Back to the hotel itself, check-in time here is 3pm and not the usual 2pm. Thinking it was 2pm, I happily trotted to the counter and asked to be checked-in. Only to be told the room was not ready, and was politely asked to walk about the 4th floor where the pool and gym were.

IMG_9855 IMG_9859

Yep.. and so, cos the friend had yet to arrive, I went off on my own to the pool deck. Awesome weather, awesome view. I could not wait to jump in for a swim! The weather was insanely hot.

At about 2.30pm, I went to the lobby to meet up with the friend. The room was still not ready. However, I irritatingly placed myself in a visible spot, where the counter staff could see me, and see that I was waiting, rather impatiently for my room.

True enough, the initial staff who had attended to me saw me fidget and proceeded to expedite my room. I got my room just before 2.45pm. :D

Our room, was located on the 4th floor as well, except that, it was right in the far end corner of the building. Geez…. it was a good 100m walk from the lift… -.-

I opened the room door and, I felt my heart sink. The room was not as “refurbished” and posh as I had expected it to be. Just by the smell and looks of the items in the room, everything felt old and worth just about 3*. :(

IMG_9862 IMG_9863

The television was, so small, it was disappointing. Add to the sadness, the limited (interesting) channels failed to entertain us.
The bed was hardly inviting….. sigh… I hurried the friend out for a swim.

Rahh… the pool for all its glam and nice settings, was very dirty…. the water I mean. Felt and looked dirty, underwater. Otherwise, I quite enjoyed myself in the pool.

Staying in the most corner room has an advantage – one does not get disturbed by any corridor sounds.

The friend and I did not get really good sleeps on both nights, owing to the ultra soft pillows that we got. -.- I felt so uncomfortable, I kept waking up. Bleah…..

All the rants aside, we did enjoy our overall stay at the hotel…… not so sure though, if we will ever consider going back for a stay…. we’ll see…..

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