A day to myself

It was not exactly supposed to be a “rest” day.. I was meant to have gone for an interview, which I had to re-schedule, and subsequently return to work.
However, my body quite obviously did not want go out.. overnight, I felt my physical state deteriorate and by morning, I was quite convinced I will faint if I were to be exposed to the sun or rain.

Yes. Thanks to insufficient water, too much fast-food, a lot of environmental burning ash in the air of late (its the Chinese calendar’s 7th month now).. my throat is painful, scratchy, nose is leaking somewhat and the voice… needs to be preserved to prevent further loss.

After 2 times 2 doses of Clarinase, I am still not feeling normal.

Aha. Then again, I relish the chance to be able to have some peace and quiet to myself. No one else home except the domestic helper who, goes about her own business without fuss. The dogs are quiet.. I can just roll in bed, or slump into the sofa and turn on the TV.. use the toilet whenever I want to….

Loved the peace.. the time-out also allowed me to
read up on articles, surf things, keep up-to-datewith news online, on social media…..


As the day now sets, I don’t know how well rejuvenated I am to take on a new work day tomorrow.. given that I am actually still not fully physically well.. but, well, I am thankful.

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Astons Specialities

Been sometime since I dined at Astons, and certainly never dined at the restaurant ever since they changed their ordering concept. Unlike the previous:- seat, order, pay before leaving concept… it is now:- order and pay before being seated.

I can’t quite think of any good with regards to this new concept; how does one order if the entire group is not present yet? so, if I were to make my order first, can the serving of food wait till my other friends have arrived and ordered?
Ah. It is definitely not so good for a group of friends I have, whom we have this rule among us; that the last late-comer or simply the late-comer will be the one to foot the entire bill. :/

If the new concept was introduced to minimize the waiting time, it is not working so well. I still waited quite a considerable period of time before my food arrived and, the queue to enter the restaurant is still as long as before. And it gets worse with the thickening of the peak hour.

I certainly can understand why Astons is so popular with the young; the food here is very economical. S$8.50 for a western set meal, with choice of 2 sides. In a restaurant setting…?

IMG_0556 IMG_0557
There were 4 of us, thus 4 different meals but I only managed to capture 2 pictures; being in the company of friends who frown upon taking pictures of food…. :X

Honey-baked ribs and Black Pepper Chicken Chop served with Onion Rings and Fries.
When the plate of chicken was first placed down, I did make a comment that the serving is “so small“. The friend then reminded me, that I had only paid S$8.50 for the meal…. Oops~ A case of what Get what you paid for! 

Not sure what the fascination was with the Ribs, which I found to be just so-so. So “good” it was, he claims its better than what you would get at Tony Roma’s, for possibly less than half the price. Yah yah yah….

I liked my Black Pepper Chicken.. it was tender enough, the meat had flavour.. the sides… couldn’t have enough of the onion rings. -.-

A good place to sit for a meal with a few friends, chat and order some drinks. If you won’t feel too pressured by the folks queuing to enter. :P

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Pastamania Home Delivery

Pastamania‘s Home Delivery service system is not as friendly as a known fast-food chain outlet.
There are also certain limitations when you call-in to their hotline; you can’t pay using credit cards. :O

Anyhow, being too lazy to register/sign-in to use the online order service, a phone call was made to order a meal. There’s a minimum delivery order of S$12, and a delivery fee of S$3.50 is chargeable.

A Creamy Chicken Pasta (Linguine) and a set of Garlic Bread amounted to S$11.70, 30 cents short of the minimum requirement. Thankfully, the staff let it go and sent the order on its way. An estimated 30-45 minutes wait time was advised.

About 30 minutes later, a rider horned at my door-step. Everything packed in a plastic bag, cash of S$15.20 was paid.

IMG_0764 IMG_0765
When I opened the first container bowl, I was quite shocked at seeing just plain noodles. Then again, there is probably no other way to pack the meal; without the noodles turning soggy by the time they reach me.

Seeing this however made me think, that its almost like doing my own take-out meal; using instant, ready-made packets. I paid S$15 for this??

The cream sauce was double wrapped in the container to the right of the noodle bowl, still warm when I unwrapped it. All’s good.

Question then… would you, pour the noodles into the cream sauce? Or pour the cream sauce into the noodles…?
I did one of these action.. and immediately thought of how silly I was….. :@

It was a good meal, satisfying my pasta craving, in the middle of the day, in the comforts of my home… :)

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Mark 12:30-31 – “”You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” This is the first commandment. And the second, like it, is this, “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.” There is no other commandment greater than these.”

In a life of uncertainties, our faith has to be stronger than our sight.
God can create roads where we see only obstacles. When the way ahead of us seems uncertain, it’s good to remember (or be reminded) what God has done in the past. He specialises in pathways in any circumstance – pathways that point us to His love and power.

The God who created a way for our salvation can certainly see us through our daily trials. 

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Prata shop in the corner

It has been way too many years now, still, the shops have not changed, have not moved. The popular ones are still as crowded, those that could not survive the competition found new competitors…

With much road works; expansion and diversion, we are looking to see a decrease in vehicular traffic once the connection from Seletar to the expressways are completed. This will most certainly ease the headache in terms of parking and access to the eateries in the area…

2 major prata shops dominate the road… Thasevi and Thohirah.
If you have not by now guessed where in Singapore I am talking about, I am talking about Jalan Kayu.

When I was younger, the parents used to bring me to Thasevi.
As I grew older, I found Thohirah a better choice.. with better/more attentive service. What makes things better, is that there is a rather large URA carpark located next to the restaurant. No doubt, I don’t quite like having to pay for parking when I can park for free… then again, it helps that you don’t have to worry about your car being parked on rough gravel.

A favourite haunt for supper, the friend and I decided to meet up for supper after one particularly bad day at work for me. HEY. It was only in recent times that I realised parking in the URA carpark is actually free after 10pm everyday! :O

However, arriving at about 9.45pm that day, I still had to tear out a 50cents coupon for half an hour worth of parking…… if I had not seen the parking warden doing his rounds at that time, I probably might have cheated on the excess 15 minutes. :X

IMG_0533 IMG_0534
A plate of Maggie Goreng (white) and a plate of Chicken Satay coupled with 2 cups of Teh Tarik. Not pictured is a serving of Egg Onion Prata which we later ordered.

No complains about the food here, the ambience is not awesome in terms of environment (it can get dirty and hot… smelly…) but, its a really good chill and relax place. Good to unwind with friends, chat, drink, eat.

I’ll be back again. @Thohirah, Jalan Kayu.

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CoCo Bubble Tea

HEY. Now.. when did this arrive in Singapore?
The last I was in the area, I did not see this store?? (not that I am a frequent visitor in the area…. but still….)

IMG_0523If you have been to Taiwan, you will most likely have seen this drinks-selling shop along the streets.. Yes, I had my first encounter of this brand name whilst on the way to JiuFen, in Taipei.

CoCo, Fresh Tea & Juice originated from Taiwan, with its first store in Dansui. It seems now, the brand name has spread across the region into China, Hong Kong, South-East Asia and even the United States. There is a claim for it being “the largest bubble tea chain in the world“. Can I consider a franchise too?

I have been searching, but can’t find no information about when this store actually opened, but, it is certainly listed as a store on the mother brand site… Social media has it that a second store as opened in July, in the Toa Payoh Heartlands. Whoa… looks like this chain is here to make a mark… I wonder. What took them so long?
The bubble tea fad is almost dying out…. with only a few key players still going strong… namely, KOI.

Anyhow, this store I (eventually purchased a drink from) came across, is located at People’s Park Complex; in the row of shops facing the hawker centre.

What should I say, on an apple-to-apple comparison of the Milk Tea with Pearls… I still prefer the KOI version…. oops~

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Basement of Chinatown Point

With its revamp, Chinatown Point is now more welcoming, a place for any generation… mostly tourists, to walk and browse through. About 2 storeys above ground level, another 4 in the basement, the entire mall is about 6 storeys worth?

Mostly shopping shops, finding food here is not as preferred as to searching out there in the more nostalgic hawker centres eg. Smith Street hawker or People’s Park complex across the road. Then again, the pull to dine in the mall comes largely from the fact that the mall is air-conditioned. :P

More often than not, I find myself in Chinatown Point because the friend, or myself have things that we want to purchase from the shops in People’s Park. Finding parking in the mall is easier (and cheaper on Sundays/PH and after 5pm on other days).

As with most days, I refused to go out to the market(s) to find food. And, not wanting to spend excessively on food at restaurants, we went into the basement to see what economical meals we could find…

We found ourselves at Hill Street Coffee Shop

IMG_0520 IMG_0521
Not the most ideal place to dine at.. the tables were dirty, the chairs had specks of (I assumed) food.. we later found our utensils to be not thoroughly cleaned.. the friend had quite a few rants about the place and food, even before we started eating….. :/

Anyhow, I went for the Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak while the friend had the Shredded Chicken Meat Hor Fun. Nothing to shout about, nothing that bad to complain about the food.. Serving-wise was just alright.. well.. a simple meal to fill the stomachs before we continued with our agenda for the afternoon….

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